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Built & Tested by the World’s Best

Brafton has been the world’s leading content marketing agency for more than a decade. We’ve executed thousands of successful client campaigns, and in the process, we’ve encountered all the industry’s greatest operational challenges.

The Content Marketing Platform is how we — and our 10,000 global enterprise users — overcome these challenges every day.


Plan Campaigns Like Clockwork

This is the organized flexibility modern marketers dream of.

Set goals, devise content strategies, create content calendars and chat about content campaigns in Brafton’s collaborative online workspace — all in real-time, from anywhere. Build and launch end-to-end campaign workflows that track who will do what, when.


Produce Content Without Wasting Time

No more missed deadlines. No more lost documents.

No more endless email chains. Set and manage production timelines. Track every phase of content creation. Streamline communication among creatives, collaborators and stakeholders. Repeat.


Perform With Precision

Campaign KPIs tell you whether you’re meeting your goals; performance KPIs tell you how efficiently you’re meeting them. Brafton automatically reports on both.

Integrations with today’s leading analytics tools like Google Analytics, Search Console and SEMrush show you critical campaign metrics, and our proprietary resource tracking tools highlight where there’s room for more efficiency.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients have loved the Content Marketing Platform since Day 1. See for yourself:

“We went from emails to the platform, and I love it. Before, I’d have to find a blog post in an email that the project manager sent me, and now I just log into the platform and see where everything is in the queue—this is what’s outstanding, this is what needs approval, this is what needs revisions.”

Kevin Jaquith, Director of Demand Generation, Concentric

“The Content Marketing Platform you launched has been super helpful … I’ve loved it. It probably saves a couple hours per week, and I can do a lot with a couple of hours.”

Elizabeth Burkhardt, Marketing Director, Agile Education Marketing

“We went from emails to the platform, and I love it. Before, I’d have to fiBrafton’s new online project management tool is terrific for giving me easy visibility to our projects—current, future, and past.”

Carolynn Costanzo, Online Marketing Manager, Lasko


Project Management for Content Marketing

This is the only project management tool built by content marketers, for content marketers. It’s every feature your team needs to save time and maximize content marketing performance:

Keep your campaigns on time and on brief.

Pre-built dashboards provide easy visibility into every project’s details, including due dates, content briefs, outlines, imagery and other relevant collateral. Approve or reject deliverables, and message between creators and approvers in moments.


Filter & find any asset in seconds.

Brafton automatically archives every piece of collateral ever created so that it’s just a few clicks away. You’ll never lose a document again.


Ditch spreadsheet calendars.

Visualize every content launch in the content calendar. Color-coded markers show you every project’s status at a glance. Click into each project to see specific details and assets.


Optimize your content cadence.

Brafton AI creates customizable workflow templates for each of your projects: No need to anticipate every step, department, contributor and due date involved in a project’s lifecycle.


Keep tabs on your teams & resources.

View KPIs for internal and external teams, including what deliverables have been finished, what’s in progress, where you need to reallocate resources and how your teams can achieve greater efficiency.

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Automate performance tracking.

Integrate with leading industry tools including Data Studio, Google Analytics, Search Console, Semrush and more to track campaign performance in one place.

Fuel Your Brand.

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